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What is
Elrond mafia

Elrond Mafia is a 2D collection of 5555 Mobsters from Elrond City. The rest of the world see us as criminals, we are just building Web 3.
The organization thought about a powerful project to bring a strong mafia into the city. Team's experience will allow the success of our evolving game.

A Play to earn
Social club

Our P2E social hub will be our headquarter. Each person in this mafia will earn what they deserve. This will be an evolving video game only available on PC.
Join the organization now by becoming a member of the Mafia. Chat, play, earn money & work with other members. (Poker, Casino, PVP armed, Missions, Firing Range, & more mini-games …)
This is the beginning of a whole ecosystem for our Web 3 Builders.


Phase 1

Pre sale “Found our leaders”
We will organize a pre-sale to recruit our 1000 associates who will have the privilege to participate in the voting of all important decisions in the mafia HQ (DAO). The money from this sale will be used for communication / marketing and to start the development of some projects on our roadmap.

Sale “Found our soldiers”
We will recruit the most solid elements to form a real network, as soon as we are all connected, a secret partnership will be revealed. The maximum number of initial members is 5555. The mint date is not announced yet.

The organisation “DAO”
The ELROND MAFIA DAO will be created for our faithful members who believe in the project. It will allow them to decide the direction of the organisation, it's ecosystem and it's future to continue developing Web3 together. Only 1000 NFTs from the Presale will grant you the access to the DAO.

Phase 2

PASSIVE REVENUES “The remuneration“
We will organize a roulette at the beginning of each month in the Elrond Mafia HQ (website). Every holder will be able to participate and try to win the jackpot. (Earnings will be guaranteed to each of our holders). Each member of the mafia must be paid for his loyalty and work for the community. (70% of our Royalties)

First, the team is currently creating an exclusive DApp for our holders. This DApp, will let you the full access to our ecosystem (DAO, Customization, Launchpad, Airdrops & Stacking).

We are currently in partnership with differents Projects & Artists, to reward our community and help building a powerful ecosystem. We are planning to do secretful airdrops with big companies, stay tuned, they are soon ready to launch!

Phase 3

MAFIA P2E “Play with the members”
We are curently building a 3D Head Quarter (Social Hub) accessible online where everyone will be able to play some typical mafia games and earn money. Oh and yes, each members will get his NFT rendered in 3D.

With the experience gained by working in the biggest video games company we are confident about delivering a pure unique experience in the Elrond Ecosystem. More information coming really soon.

MAFIA DIVISION WAR “Airdrop & New members”
What’s the point of having only one mafia in our Web 3.0 World ? Two differents web 3.0 Mafia will be created and divide the community. Both Mafias will have their QG in our P2E. It means all holders will be airdrop a new NFT and will have the choice to join the mafia they want. More info to come !



How did the presale took place?

We sold out the presale a month ago, with 1000 NFTs DAO. Only these NFTs will get an exclusive access to Elrond Mafia DAO. Presale buyers will receive their NFT few minutes before the Public Mint. (25th July)

What is “Mafia Galleries”?

Mafia Galleries are our first airdrop. We decided to airdrop these gallery to thank our presale buyers. Galleries are fully available in a 3D customizable environment which allow the owners to easily show their NFTs, not only Mafia’s NFTs. The Mafia Galleries are now fully available on mafia-galleries.com

When will be the public mint?

The public mint will be the 25th July at 6:00 pm UTC.

How will the public mint work?

4555 NFTs will be available at the mint day. This will be the last chance to join the organization. Everyone will be able to mint even if you are not redlisted.

What is the price for the public mint?

The public price will be 1,15 $EGLD for everyone and 1 $EGLD for the redlists.

What will be the game?

The team is building a Play to Earn game. The holders of Mafia NFTs will be able to play of PVP, farming drugs, missions… The team has already started the development of the game. More informations on our monthly dev update: Medium article
These posts blog represents the entire updates of the development of the game. These updates are available every month.

Will there be royalties?

We decided to take only 5% of Royalties for our collection.